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Controlling Your Inbox After Holiday

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Controlling Your Inbox After Holiday

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When you are a working in a busy environment, things can get on top of you, but taking a holiday can make your email inbox explode. There is nothing worse than sitting back at your desk on your first day back after a 7-day break and finding 200 unread emails.


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Here’s how you can help keep your inbox under control;

Out Of Office Messages

Before you leave, you can set up an out of office message; this would prevent multiple emails from the same person and give customers an instant explanation as to why you won’t be replying to their emails for a few days.

Remember, they don’t have to be serious! You can add some fun content or leave a funny message which clients can appreciate, just keep it appropriate and professional.

Give ’em Options

It’s important to remember that clients may have important questions or need urgent assistance so it’s good to leave an office phone number or a colleague’s email so the client is able to get help somewhere else or can wait for you to reply.

First Come, First Served!

Instead of working through your emails from the ones at the top, it may be beneficial to answer the unread emails closer to the bottom, these customers have been waiting the longest for your reply and may be part of multiple emails higher up in your inbox.

Tip: Talk with colleagues as emails lower down in the list may have already sorted themselves out. Communication is key!

Get Rid of Irrelevant Stuff

Email systems like Gmail provide you with filters and labels so you can prioritise replies to urgent senders as well as quickly delete spam, sales emails and newsletters. This will hopefully help get rid of the stuff you don’t need and organise your crazy inbox.

Hopefully, these little tips will help you regain control of your inbox!

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