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A Little Marketing For Your Business

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A Little Marketing For Your Business

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The Golden Age of Social Media

Millions of people regularly use social media, so having a business account is ideal. You are able to reach potential customers outside of your local area and you can easily engage with your audience. A variety of content (text posts, videos, images etc.) will keep them interested.

TIP: Don’t try and sell your product or service every time you post. Imagine speaking to someone and all the say is “buy this thing I made!” Make sure there is a healthy mix of selling and posting engaging content your customers will enjoy.


The Professional Network

It would also be ideal (and free!) to set up a Linkedin account. Linkedin is a social media platform where professionals go to network, post jobs and share articles and ideas. This is a great place to connect with other businesses and build professional relationships. It could lead to your peers recommending your business to others and there is potential to grow your customer base.

Remember the Non Digital

Even though we are living in a digital world, it is still beneficial to have things such as leaflets, business cards and company merchandise such as pens with the logo and contact details. They are fairly cheap and people love a freebie. Business cards are also ideal for networking events, it gives other people something to remember you by and will hopefully be used to get in contact with you.


Email Systems

Having a customer relationship management (CRM) system, you can easily keep track of customer details, like their email address and phone number. Some email systems allow you to send emails to customers that have left their shopping cart without checking out. This would help boost customer retention as well as revenue.

What works for your business?