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Month: September 2020

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Devastating, On Our Knees, Punishment, Halving Takings, Speed Drinking… Comments in the news on the 10pm hospitality curfew

From yesterday (24th September), pubs, bars and restaurants in England have been given a 10pm curfew and since the announcement the headlines have been filled with comments like these. The BBC reported, ‘Closing pubs early may not seem like a big step but the hospitality industry is warning it will have a devastating impact on […]

Garages set to be inundated with MOT’s following lockdown extension expiry date

The MOT extension is ending and garages are about to get busier. Now's the time to make sure your payment costs are as low as they can be!

Is it best to get a portable card machine, or a mobile card terminal for outside events?

Many restaurants, cafes and pubs are adapting to the circumstances by adding seating areas outside. The choice to make now is whether you get a mobile or portable card machine.