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Garages set to be inundated with MOT’s following lockdown extension expiry date

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The grace period on your MOT is now at an end… Consumer expert Martin Lewis (, recently issued a warning to around 11 million drivers to check their MOT expiration date. From March 30th to July 30th 2020, the Government granted a six month extension to MOTs due to expire during the lockdown period. For many, that time is now up.

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The Mirror reported, ‘According to motoring chain Kwik Fit, 11.3million vehicles are due for their MOTs between now and December.’

However, it’s not just the drivers that need to be prepared. There are thousands of MOT garages in the UK that are about to be swamped by the backlog of MOT’s.

Some have had to instigate a strict bookings policy no longer based on first come first served, but based on the latest possible testing date. Most are essentially looking at double the usual need for MOT’s and we’re sure many testing stations will be offering overtime to their testers to try and keep on top of it.

However you manage your bookings, we’d like to ask how you’re managing your card payment charges

Bear in mind, if your card payments for MOT’s are doubling along with demand, the percentages you pay to your merchant services will also double. We would urge you to run a comparison on your costs to make sure you’re not paying more than you need to. That’s where we step in…

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One St Alban’s garage customer saved over £7,000 by switching his merchant services, and Randeep Reehal from Courtwood Car Services saved over £10,000!

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