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Where to go for Covid-19 advice in the hospitality sector: Test and Trace law, financial support, business strategy and more

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It’s been over six months since the start of lockdown, but we’ve been living and dealing with Covid-19 for a while longer and undoubtedly will be for some time to come. We wanted to make sure you had a central place to find guidance on the law, advice on getting you through the festive period and how to re-think your strategy to safeguard your business.

Some say the rules are confusing, but there is no doubt that the law regarding safe operation of hospitality venues is quite clear.

As of 24th September all pubs, restaurants, takeaways (not deliveries) and any other business selling food or drink (including bowling alleys, bingo halls and other entertainment venues) faced stricter rules to make their premises Covid secure. We’re not going to attempt to lay those rules out for you now, but we are going to point you to the best places to help you stay within the guidelines and law.

The law – advice and posters

Oxfordshire’s Director of Public Health has written to to our businesses with an update from the government. It highlights the ‘new government guidelines and legislation around control measures’, and is worth reading and passing on…

Read the COVID-19 letter here

There is a lot of advice out there, so we’ve picked the links we think are most beneficial to you:

Working Safely During Coronavirus (pubs, bars, restaurants and takeaway services)

This publication from contains the full guidelines, including risk assessments and priority actions to take.

NHS QR Posters for Business

Since 24th September you have been required to display a Track and Test QR poster for easy check-in at your premises. These help the government find the people who may be exposed to a positive case, should one arise in your area.

West Oxfordshire Poster Pack

West Oxfordshire have produced a pack of printable posters to support your business through this difficult time. Direct customers through your premises and request them to follow the rules.

Business funding – where to go and how quick

Next Day Business Funding

UK Business Buddy has been working to foster strong relationships with trusted business financing companies so we can find next day business funding for quickly. There’s no charge for finding out what could be available to you.

Webinars – advice, networking and planning

Making Sense of Coronavirus Support

NatWest has a full complement of webinars, but we think the most beneficial to our topic is Making Sense of Coronavirus Support, taking place, free of charge on 21st October.

Helping Your Business Thrive

OxLEP’s Helping Your Business Thrive webinar is also free of charge and will take you through guidance to set up, start up and grow your business in uncertain times.

Bounce Back from Lockdown

Mike Foster, Oxfordshire’s ‘Entrepreneurs’ Mentor’ has a YouTube channel packed with business growth advice and survival tactics. His latest webinar, ‘Bounce Back from Lockdown’ was published on 1st October.

Free advice

Everything we have shared in this blog is totally free of charge. We’re here to help you save money and make money, not spend it! Nic and Hilary are consummate networkers and have a myriad of connections that can offer you free advice on pretty much anything, so please get in touch if there’s anything we can help with. Find us on LinkedIn.

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