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As a quick overview of UK Business Buddy, our favourite saying is, ‘we’re here to save independent businesses money, not to line our own pockets with those savings, but so the business owner themselves can!’

To go slightly deeper, UK Business Buddy helps independent businesses save money in two main areas:

  1. Card payment solutions
  2. Business utilities.

The way we do it is really quite simple:

  1. We take a look at your bank and utility statements – There’s nothing secret on there, nothing that gives anything away, except how much you pay for each customer transaction
  2. It takes a short while to put together a comparison of charges and then we’ll present our findings
  3. Once you’ve seen our findings, you decide what to do with the information
  4. If you decide to go ahead and move your provider, we’ll put it into action. You don’t need to do a thing, except sign off on it.

Sound interesting? Find ten minutes in your diary to call our founder and your fellow Business Community member Nic Rutherford and arrange to share your statement.

0800 0461804

(or you can email if you’d prefer)

When we say we’re not here to make money from you, we mean it – you don’t pay us a penny for any of the above, or anything thereafter… You can literally only save.

‘UK Business Buddy managed to save us over £5000 and all they did was analyse our statements. They took care of all the paperwork which made it really easy to deal with them. We would recommend them to any business to o busy to look for better deals.’ Ben Wild, Wild View Catering

We promise not to hassle you with any pushy sales tactics, we promise not to share your information with anyone other than our selected providers and we promise to take the best care of your business costs.

Community means a lot to us

Community is everything to us. We wouldn’t be in business without our local community; our customers are here, our suppliers and providers are here and of course our networking friends are here. We get that your high street, or your building is important to your business too and that’s why we’ve chosen to only look after independent retailers and traders.

That you can phone us up or drop us an email and we’ll be round to see you (guidelines permitting), is comforting to know. You won’t be dealt with by a call centre, in fact chances are you’ll speak to our very own Chief Provider of Smiles, founder Nic Rutherford before you get introduced to your very own Buddy.

When you choose to join our community, you won’t regret it! Why not give us a try and see if we can save your business money today?

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