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Why we do what we do

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Why we do what we do

A few years ago while working in Corporate World saving a global company a few million dollars on their European supply chain, we realized that we were not helping the smaller companies and were not making a real difference to the communities where we live and work.

The big multi-nationals are looked after by their banks, their suppliers but what about the millions of small businesses that are just as important in the local communities?

They still employ local, loyal people and their mortgages and standard of living are just as important as those that work for the big companies, don’t you agree?

But who helps them out? Do their banks ever take the time to sit with the SME and understand his/her vision for the business and make sure they have the right services and the right price that the market has to offer??

We can tell you this never happens…some might react to us trying to help our clients, but we have not heard of anyone proactively seeing their clients and doing what they can to reduce the money they are being paid!

That is where we are on a crusade to try and tilt the balance of power back to the smaller businesses, putting money back into the business owner’s pocket so they can reinvest back into the business to make them healthier and wealthier.

We are working to address the balance and help our clients fund their business growth when the high street banks, cannot, will not or are just far too slow to help their customers.

Over a million business loans and overdrafts were pulled by the big banks over the last few years, cash flow is critical to small businesses, they are being hit with higher rate rises and business is tougher all round.

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A family business that we want to pass on down to our children should they wish to do it.

We can only succeed if we have loyal customers that are with us for the long journey ahead.

Unfortunately most people that provide the same services are on the other end of the phone thinking about the commission they can make from the sale to you.

They are not truly interested in you, your plans for the future, do you want to grow, retain your client base, move to bigger premises or plan an exit strategy, maybe passing the business down to your family.

Why do you accept that what you have is what you should be using to really benefit your business and ultimately your family.

Why should your family’s financial choices be made due to a complete strangers desire to earn as much commission as they can from you…

Don’t you deserve better than that? In fact, don’t your family deserve better than that?

This is where we are different; we look at pretty much the whole market and design a deal that is better suited to your business.

If you decide you are going to find your dream house, you don’t just sign up with 1 estate agent and hope he gets you the perfect house?

No you look across the market and make sure you get the right fit, that is what we do. We have the time and the expertise in the marketplace to get you better deals then you ever could on your own.

Because we work with these companies every day, we get super deals that we pass on to our clients and we share in the savings we make.

Even for customers that are new to taking card payments, we get you the best deal we can, not what is the best deal for the bank.