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What’s New on Facebook?

Like Google, Facebook has had its share of August updates that you don’t want to miss out on knowing!

What Google Did in August

It’s September and the summer has flown past! In August Google made some changes that might have gone unnoticed…

Are We A Plastic Society?

How often do you find yourself paying for something with cash? Do you even regularly carry cash with you? No, me either.

A Little Marketing For Your Business

The Golden Age of Social Media Millions of people regularly use social media, so having a business account is ideal. You are able to reach potential customers outside of your local area and you can easily engage with your audience. A variety of content (text posts, videos, images etc.) will keep them interested.

Controlling Your Inbox After Holiday

When you are a working in a busy environment, things can get on top of you, but taking a holiday can make your email inbox explode. There is nothing worse than sitting back at your desk on your first day back after a 7-day break and finding 200 unread emails.

Hey, We’re UK Business Buddy!

Welcome to our first blog! We are UK Business Buddy, a small company that offers beautiful solutions that make you smile.