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Buddy-up with UK Business Buddy and smile all the way to the bank

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Business finance and card payment solutions are really boring…

According to UK Business Buddy founder and self-titled Chief Provider of Smiles, Nic Rutherford, ‘If you tell people that’s what you do in a networking meeting you can practically see their eyes glaze over. It’s not until you tell them that we can help achieve savings that they never knew they had, that the ears prick up!’

All joking aside, every business owner that uses card payment machines, pays a percentage of the value of each transaction to their card payments provider. Most businesses will agree that during the run-up to Christmas, customer transactions increase and so this would be an ideal time to look at making savings based on those charges. What you may not necessarily realise is that you can move your providers around in exactly the same way as you would compare cover and cost for household insurance or utilities.

UK Business Buddy helps owners by making those comparisons for you. Nic told us, ‘There’s no need for you to trawl some of the internet’s most boring websites so you can save money, when you’d much rather be concentrating on Christmas promos. That’s our job, and since we know the best suppliers and banks we can get straight to the important stuff – savings, and easily! At the end of the day, we exist to help you save money, not so we can pocket it, but so you can. There’s no charge for looking, no monthly fees for taking us up on the offer, so you literally can’t lose.’

Sally Watkins, of St Albans’ Eve and Adam Beauty Clinic is testament to how easy it was to go through the process and start saving money.

“Nic & the Business buddy team made making savings such an easy experience. I had started the process a couple of times in the past but it proved to be too complicated. The process with UKBB was very streamlined plus the savings we have made, especially during such unprecedented times, have been so helpful.”

Sally saved £5,000 by moving her card payment provider. With those savings, some might indulge in a little professional development, or maybe step back from operations and take some much deserved time off. Whatever it is you choose to do with your spare cash, it’s clear that Nic and his team are perfectly positioned to get you there.

So, what’s stopping you?

Can’t find the time – 10 minutes on the phone and a scan or photo of your statement is all it takes (if that long!)

It’s too painful to look at finances – You’re not looking, we are! And if it really is painful, then you really do need us.

Too complicated – All you have to do is show us your latest statement and we do the rest. It can’t get much easier than that!

Not paying too much – that’s great, but there’s always a chance you could be paying even less.

Trust your current merchant services provider – UK Business Buddy has 6 acquiring banks we can go to for comparisons. They are world-wide trusted providers, but because there’re no ‘meerkats’ for commercial customers, they do not advertise online.

We’ll simply provide you with a cost comparison and it’s up to you how you wish to act on it. We promise; no pushy sales tactics, no jargon and definitely no BS! There’s nothing stopping you…

Nic recently asked his LinkedIn community what they would do with a bit of spare cash every month. He told us the responses ranged from conservative, to downright outlandish with one lady wanting a weekly cleaner to a wealth management consultant wanting to go to a private festival at the Lake District having flown his family around the lakes on a tour in a helicopter.

The running theme of all the 47 comments on Nic’s post though, was that they would all use the money to free up time for themselves outside of their business, or put it back into their business to sustain growth. What would you do with your savings?

Meet Nic

Nic’s passion is in making businesses work for the owners, not the other way round. One phone call with Nic will definitely make you smile! Tap into over a decade of experience in sales and cost reduction by emailing Nic on

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