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How to present your business at networking meetings

If you’re like us, you’ll be out on the networking circuit promoting your business to local groups and building relationships with like-minded independent business owners. The question is, 'how

How UK Business Buddy adds value to your custom

UK Business Buddy brings a new era of card payment solutions - not only do we guarantee impressive card transaction costs, but we add value to that too... We are passionate about helping

What’s stopping you changing card payments provider?

It’s not often you do a comparison of house or car insurance, utility bills or personal banking service charges, but we reckon it’s even less common for the owners of independent businesses to

Business Banter – 6 quick tips on setting goals for focus and knowing when to say ‘no’

'As a new business owner and sole trader, goal setting was the last thing on my mind. That sounds odd, but 2020 was an eventful year that included redundancy, losing a furloughed job, losing many

A brief overview of (and good riddance to) 2020

Are we the only ones who are feeling a little bit sorry for the year 2020? Yes, it’s been the worst ever, and we’re not going to dwell on the hardships we’ve come across in our customer’s

Why spending £45 with UK Business Buddy costs you less than £19 elsewhere

Have you been surprised by the price of our card payment terminals? UK Business Buddy conducts cost comparisons on your customer card payment charges to the bank and when we do this, the first thing

A case study on saving on card payment terminal costs

The customer: Eve and Adam Beauty Clinic, St Albans The concern: Card payment terminal contract costs The solution: Set-up of new payment provider, installation of new card terminals and

5 easy ways independent businesses can reduce costs

Hands up if you find it easy running a new business or an old one, even?! No? We thought as much... We’re not going to try and wave a magic wand to suddenly reduce your costs and save you money,

Business Banter – 5 helpful tips for blogging about your independent business (or, it’s not all about you!)

Our guest blog for Independent Oxford, showing our support for our fellow members. Enjoy, and let us know how you like the tips... "Your persona is the basis for everything you create. Writing

Buddy-up with UK Business Buddy and smile all the way to the bank

Business finance and card payment solutions are really boring... According to UK Business Buddy founder and self-titled Chief Provider of Smiles, Nic Rutherford, ‘If you tell people that’s