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Integrated Solution

For larger single site and multi-site operations that require a more complex solution.

Standalone Solution

For medium sized businesses that need a more robust solution while still being easy to use.

Software Only

For small enterprises where space and cost might be challenging.

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Most business owners do not have the time , energy and experience to know what is current in the market place, where the technology is moving to and who are being disruptive in the industry.

We are very fortunate to have excellent relationships with a wide range of providers and software houses.

We take the time to sit with our clients to fully understand their needs, what they want the system to do for them from a service and budgetary perspective and then match them with the right provider that matches these needs.

We search and select the optimum solution for our clients and arrange everything from demonstrations, contracts all the way through to implementation and ongoing support and training.

We take away the pain of having to listen to lots of different sales people trying to sell you their product as that is the only thing they have to sell, irrespective of it possibly not being the best solution for your business.

We are passionate believers in helping our clients attract and retain more clients so we have further relationships with other avenues to increase sales, from loyalty, email newsletter, texting services, all giving bespoke packages to help your business grow.

Using the correct POS system aligned with a proper marketing strategy interacting with your clients more can easily add 10%+ on your bottom line.